Heads Up Adventures is about teaching this liberating skill to help inspire and empower people to get out into the hills and mountains of the UK and explore with confidence.

I am a qualified Mountain Leader and Teacher who has worked in Outdoor Centres, Schools, trained in basic Coaching and Counselling skills and I love to get up to the Mountains whenever family life allows!

Many people tend to shy away from navigating for fear of getting it wrong or believing that someone else would be better. That was me too; letting others take responsibility was just easier. However, a few years ago I decided I’d had enough of feeling frustrated by my lack of navigational confidence and committed to learning the skills properly. Due to my work at the time, I chose to train as a Mountain Leader and this process enabled me to face up to, accept and move beyond the limiting beliefs I’d been carrying for so long.

I want your experience with Heads Up Adventures to be the platform from which you feel empowered to experience the unbelievably liberating feeling that comes from learning to use a map and compass and creating your own walking adventures.

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Cathy was warm and engaging and enabled people to feel happy asking her all sorts of questions. Thank you for a very enjoyable morning.

JO, London